Guangdong Pangyuan Company of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. shows “muscle” again in Honglian Bridge Project


By far, a key infrastructure project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Honglian Bridge located in Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Zone, has entered the critical stage. The 180-meter-high main tower has begun from the most technically difficult and most risky upper-tower beam assembly operation. The 8 tower cranes and 4 construction elevators and other construction equipment served by Guangdong Pangyuan Company of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in this project are also undergoing the greatest test due to the recent strong wind and rain.

The cable-stayed Honglian Bridge, which has a total length of 2,200 meters, adopts the structure with a double-tower, double-cable-plane and mixed-beam. The main bridge is 912-meter long. The tower is 180-meter high. The span reaches 580 meters, which is currently the largest span of the same type of multi-functional cable-stayed bridges in China. The multi-circuit high-voltage cables, gas, communications and the scale of the water pipeline crossing the river along the bridge have also refreshed the record of the same type of bridges in China.

"The weight of the water pipeline crossing the river along the bridge exceeds 1,000 tons. Compared with ordinary cable-stayed bridges, the force of the cable used to fix the bridge and the bridge shape adjustment of the Honglian Bridge, including precision control, are more complicated. To pass the pipelines and cables across the bridge is the most difficult technology in China. In addition, the maximum wind power during the construction of the main tower exceeds 12 levels. There are continuous heavy rains. The difficulty of construction technology and risk control are also rare in China." said the project manager.

After receiving the project, Guangdong Pangyuan Company promptly organized elite team, 8 tower cranes and 4 construction hoists to provide on-site services. Due to the construction of the project on the waterway, the cross-section of the main tower of the bridge is small and shrinks continuously. It is also necessary to fully consider the influence of weather, wind, trestle bridge, and other factors such as cable stays. The independent height of the selected D1100-63V Tower Crane can reach about 105 meters. The height of the tower above the attachment frame is nearly 90 meters. The independent height of the selected 7527 Tower Crane is more than 60 meters. The height of the tower body above the attachment frame is more than 40 meters. The installation of the tower crane and the construction elevator is very difficult.

After careful research and multi-party demonstration, the project department made a specific plan. For the special circumstances of construction on the waterway, the tower crane foundation was designed with a rock-socketed pile steel platform, which made the construction more convenient and safe. For the high water surface and trestle bridge, the elevator foundation was designed as an external steel platform foundation. In view of the difficulty of concrete pumping, the standard section of the tower crane was used to fix the pump pipe to realize the concrete pumping.

These creative designs successfully fulfilled the requirements for safe construction and ensured the progress of the construction. Managers at all levels of the project were full of praise. Guangzhou Pangyuan Company applied for two Utility Model Patents for this design. The project is expected to complete the closure of the main bridge in March next year.

For a long time, Guangdong Pangyuan Company has performed outstandingly in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge regarded as "Project of the Century", Beijing-Kowloon Passenger Dedicated Line and other national key projects, demonstrating strong technical strength and professional service capabilities.